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Top 5 Shore Excursions in Grand Cayman

Posted on 08/05/2015

You will be glad that your cruise ship staff had the mind to organize for shore excursions into Grand Cayman. The island is too beautiful to leave unexplored. The island's cuisine is too eclectic to miss. The nightlife on the island is up there with large cities such as Las Vegas. Below are the top shore excursions in the Grand Cayman...and you shouldn't miss any of them.

1. Jet Ski Tour - For about US$100, you will get to visit snorkeling and diving spots, swim in the ocean deep, explore the island beaches etc.

2. Atlantis Submarine Expedition - Imagine seeing the waters surrounding the Grand Cayman from a submarine...and this at just US$90. You will go to the depths of 30 meters and view the marine life in Grand Cayman's Underwater Marine Park.

3. Sightseeing Tour on a 4x4 - For just US$80, you will visit points of interests on the island including; Pedro St. James Museum, the Botanic Park, capture the rocky shoreline on your camera, explore the Floral Color Garden etc.

4. Fish Feeding Show Excursion - Here, you get in a semi-submarine and explore the colorful corals and enjoy a fish feeding show. Make sure you get this on your camera.

5. Grand Cayman Catamaran Dinner Cruise - How about having your dinner on a catamaran? You will board a luxury catamaran, cruise on the Seven Mile Beach, enjoy the sunset and have your dinner under the moonlight.

There you have it. Whichever you choose to experience, make the best of it. I almost envy you.

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