Oceania Cruises: Alluring Andes & Majestic Fjords

Date: October 17 - November 7, 2016

Cruise Destination: Lima to Buenos Aires

You will be singing the praises of South America on this epic adventure that takes you from the cloud-kissed Andes to two days of sailing through the raw beauty of the splendid Chilean Fjords. Humans have inhabited this glorious landscape for centuries, as revealed in Arequipa’s famed frozen mummy, a 550-year-old Inca maiden who was the victim of a ritualistic sacrifice, and Coquimbo’s amazing petroglyphs depicting masks, tiaras and sun symbols. In Ushuaia the striking scenery of Tierra del Fuego National Park will make you feel as if you’re on another planet, while Port Stanley is firmly rooted in this world, with charming local penguins providing a stark contrast to the city’s war monuments and memorials. With so much to see, each day promises new treasures.

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Day 1: Lima/Machu Picchu (Calloa), Peru

Explore Lima’s wonderful museums and visit the famed Cathedral of Lima and the Archbishop’s Palace on the city’s majestic main square. Take a flight to Machu Picchu, known as the “Lost City of the Incas” and South America’s most intriguing archaeological site. Built in the 15th century by the Incas and perched 7,875 feet above sea level, this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site features stone buildings once used as temples, sanctuaries, homes and water fountains. Also enchanting is the colonial city of Cuzco with its majestic Plaza de Armas and the ancient Incan fortress of Sacsayhuaman. 

Day 2: Pisco/Nazca Lines, Peru

Wander through this entrancing fishing village at the edge of the desert; it rains only once every 25 years. Marvel at the Nazca Lines, geoglyphs carved into the desert floor by pre-Incan societies, over 300 figural drawings that remain virtually undamaged through the centuries.

Day 3: Arequipa (Matarani), Peru

The dazzling white facades and colonial architecture of this city are unique, wondrous and ready to explore. Travel just outside the city to admire the magnificent pre-Inca terraces and soaring condors of Colca Canyon.

Day 4: Iquique, Chile

Iquique is one of the largest duty-free ports in South America and is known for its excellent weather, making it an ideal destination for shopping and relaxing on the beach. These attractions combined with the Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert and the nearby hot springs and thermal baths make Iquique one of the most visited cities in Chile.

Day 5: Cruising the Pacific Ocean

At Sea, International Waters

Day 6: Coquimbo, Chile

In 1550 the city's spectacular harbor first attracted the Spanish, who stayed to mine deep reserves of copper and gold. After a tour of the city's scenic attractions, including the lighthouse, the graceful cathedral built in 1844 and the archaeological museum, visit the Enchanted Valley's stone engravings and the Tololo Observatory perched 6,000 feet above the Elqui Valley.

Day 7: Valparaiso, Chile

Enjoy the charming chaos and color of the hillside old quarter, or visit lovely nearby Viña del Mar and its famed floral clock. Or head inland to Chile's scenic Central Valley, the country's breadbasket, and on to the Andes with their world-class vineyards and ski resorts. Many will want to spend the day in metropolitan Santiago, considered the safest city in Latin America.

Day 8: Cruising the Pacific Ocean

At Sea, International Waters

Day 9: Puerto Montt, Chile (Anchor Port)

Enjoy the Bavarian ambiance of the Lake District as you visit the edge of the Patagonian wilderness, seeing pristine wood forests, vast lakes, soaring waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and spectacular vistas.

Day 10: Puerto Chacabuco, Chile (Anchor Port)

Experience a bit of rugged Patagonia with a drive into the Andes Mountains through a stunning valley to the Rio Simpson National Reserve and the town of Coyhaique. Or visit the magnificent private Aikén del Sur Park with its many waterfalls, wetlands, forests and mosses.

Day 11-12: Cruising the Chilean Fjords

At Sea, International Waters

Day 13: Punta Arenas, Chile

Explore the town and its history and enjoy stunning views over the Strait of Magellan to fabled Tierra del Fuego. Discover the scenic Patagonian countryside and visit a local sheep farm. The highlight is the Magellanic penguin rookery at Otway Sound. Or fly to Chile’s magnificent Torres Del Paine National Park.

Day 14: Ushuaia, Argentina

Witness the spectacular beauty of Tierra del Fuego’s lakes, lush forests, soaring mountains and flora and fauna by train, via all-terrain vehicle or on horseback. Enjoy the expansive views from Garibaldi Pass and watch for sea lions and albatross along the Beagle Channel.

Day 15: Cruising the Atlantic Ocean

At Sea, International Waters

Day 16: Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (Anchor Port)

Discover this quaint town, its cathedral, authentic English pubs, neat gardens, war memorials and fascinating landscape. Set off for an adventure on this South Atlantic island and visit a penguin colony and watch for albatross and skuas or go to a sprawling sheep farm.

Day 17-18: Cruising the Atlantic

At Sea, International Waters

Day 19: Punta Del Este, Uruguay (Anchor Port)

Spend the day enjoying this beautiful, chic beach resort, its marinas and interesting shops. See amazing works by Dali, Chagall and Miro at the Ralli Museum. Or venture into the equally stunning countryside and visit a cattle station. Shopping:

Day 20: Montevideo, Uruguay

Explore this charming, cosmopolitan city of parks and colonial architecture. Visit a local vineyard and sample its wines. Or travel to the beautiful Portuguese colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento, first settled in 1680.

Day 21-22: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discover this elegant city and its beautiful surroundings with a tranquil cruise through the Tigre Delta past islands, mansions and English gardens. Visit the pampas and watch gauchos display their extraordinary horsemanship, or enjoy a fabulous tango show in its birthplace.

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